wget/download utility

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Nov 6 15:56:16 PST 2008

Rob Thornton wrote these words on 11/06/08 17:52 CST:
> There may be good reason for this but after building LFS for the 3rd 
> time, I've come to realize there's no direct method of building BLFS 
> packages with the final LFS system. No method for downloading packages 
> exist if you're not building from a host with the tools already available.
> I built the system using the LFS CD on a PC with a clean HDD and had no 
> method of acquiring wget, or any other package from BLFS, once I had 
> booted the system into LFS. I had to re-boot the LFS 6.3 Live CD to 
> acquire wget.


If worse comes to worse, Anduin always has FTP sources available.


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