wget/download utility

Rob Thornton rob_t at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 6 15:52:08 PST 2008

There may be good reason for this but after building LFS for the 3rd 
time, I've come to realize there's no direct method of building BLFS 
packages with the final LFS system. No method for downloading packages 
exist if you're not building from a host with the tools already available.

I built the system using the LFS CD on a PC with a clean HDD and had no 
method of acquiring wget, or any other package from BLFS, once I had 
booted the system into LFS. I had to re-boot the LFS 6.3 Live CD to 
acquire wget.

I think wget should be included as a part of LFS, if only as an option, 
or warning, linking to it's BLFS chapter. It should be noted too that it 
will need to be reinstalled once its optional dependencies become 
available during the BLFS book.

We set up a working network but no method of utilizing it!


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