gcc-4.3.2 build fails

John Frankish frankish at dubai.oilfield.slb.com
Sat Nov 1 02:49:24 PDT 2008


I'm trying to build on a playstation 3 with yellow dog linux v6

Although binutils-2.18 builds OK, gcc-4.3.2 fails after the first 
bootstrap pass succeeds and then gcc tries to compile a second 
version of itself. The failure is "gcc compiler cannot build 
executables" - config.log does not give too many clues...

Note that I'm obliged to build using 
LDFLAGS=$CXXFLAGS=$CFLAGS='-m32'  otherwise gcc-4.2.2 tries to build 
a 64-bit version of itself and fails looking for gnu/stubs-64.h - 
glibc and the rest of the ydl system is 32-bit. The host gcc is 
gcc-4.1.1 (I think).

Any suggestions where I might be going wrong?


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