Moving 'setclock' to earlier in the boot sequence

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue May 27 13:04:44 PDT 2008

> I think it's always the right thing to get the kernel file systems
> mounted, modules loaded and devices created as soon as possible. I
> don't believe the cleanfs issue is important enough to merit wedging
> the setclock script in front of those steps. I'd personally rather
> change cleanfs to operate in a different way that's independent of
> those 3 services.

Look at it this way as well. If you wanted to keep track of boot logs 
and whatnot with timestamps, they are pretty useless if the time is 
wrong. Of course there's the argument that you then will want to sync 
with an NTP server as well while you're at it.

However, to at least set the CMOS clock to proper time (with timezone 
conversion if needed), is a step up to get the boot logging a bit more 


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