RPM vs DEB vs Slackware-like tgz

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed May 21 21:50:03 PDT 2008

> Both RPM and Debian package managers require writing a set of control files in 
> order to create a package. Although it is possible to write dummy files 
> containing only packaging information for pre-built files (and no building 
> instructions), this is not how these tools are supposed to be used. I.e., I 
> strongly object to this severe lobotomization. In this case, a simpler package 

Can you elaborate what you mean by all that? I'm not following.

> So: given that we still can't agree on the set of features to implement, I 
> propose LFS to never have any sort of PM, and those who disagree with this "no 
> PM" policy should start a fork right now.

We'll never agree. That's why we'll likely end up offering some options 
but we can't support all the options in-house. That's why we provide a 
set of known instructions - it the bootscripts are just a sample 
implementation for people who don't want/need to come up with their own 
boot scheme. Sometimes understanding the system is good enough. Same can 
be said about the PM system.

Most users in the end won't really care which system is used. As long as 
there's something usable for them available to make life easier.

We're not in decision phase yet. We're still in speccing out the various 
methods and getting some concrete ideas what it would mean if we were to 
pick one over the other.

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