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Here in Spain (at least) charital actions can aleviate the natural weight of 

What I mean is... if the LFS Foundation could serve a purpose for the 
community, but
with a more wider perspective, maybe in your area that could count as a 
basis for not
having to pay all the applicable taxes, like... serving as a point for 
people to introduce
into linux, although that could mean the need to offer a pre-compiled CD/DVD 
for the majority of systems, directing users to the book for those who want 
a more
powerful & optimized system

(and when I mean community services, I mean something like trying to 
distribute LFS
into schools or small businesses or just like a give-away event, but I have 
to order some
of my thoughts to make this sound more logical)


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>> F.W.I.W. A Not-For Profit cost here in BC comes to around $500.
>> I have been a member of a couple of them, founding member of one.
> The costs are similar here in Alberta from the sounds of it. An Alberta
> registered numbered company is relatively cheap. The annual renewal fee
> is in the order of $25. If we want a registered name (ie LFS Foundation
> rather than a series of numbers), it'll be more money - a name search
> needs to be initiated to make sure there's no copyright and trademark
> violation due to a too similar name, etc, etc.
> Then there's overhead costs as well - yearly audits, taxes, etc. These
> can range from $500 a year to a few thousand a year depending on the
> requirements imposed (finding the right lawyer and accountant isn't
> necessarily cheap).
> These costs are prohibitive. LFS as it currently stands doesn't make
> enough money. Of course it's never been our focus to make money other
> than to try and break even on the colocation bill. But this becomes more
> of a requirement if we go this route.
> It'll be a discussion for the near future. It's not the highest priority
> item on our list yet.
> Gerard
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