Future of LFS

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon May 19 08:39:14 PDT 2008

> F.W.I.W. A Not-For Profit cost here in BC comes to around $500.
> I have been a member of a couple of them, founding member of one.
The costs are similar here in Alberta from the sounds of it. An Alberta 
registered numbered company is relatively cheap. The annual renewal fee 
is in the order of $25. If we want a registered name (ie LFS Foundation 
rather than a series of numbers), it'll be more money - a name search 
needs to be initiated to make sure there's no copyright and trademark 
violation due to a too similar name, etc, etc.

Then there's overhead costs as well - yearly audits, taxes, etc. These 
can range from $500 a year to a few thousand a year depending on the 
requirements imposed (finding the right lawyer and accountant isn't 
necessarily cheap).

These costs are prohibitive. LFS as it currently stands doesn't make 
enough money. Of course it's never been our focus to make money other 
than to try and break even on the colocation bill. But this becomes more 
of a requirement if we go this route.

It'll be a discussion for the near future. It's not the highest priority 
item on our list yet.


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