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Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Mon May 19 04:01:58 PDT 2008

J. Greenlees wrote:
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>> One could always use Eclipse with the subclipse plugin. Works a treat 
>> for me.
>> Al
> ~shudder~
> last time I installed support for Java [ Sun's jre-1.6 ] I physically
> noticed an increase in time for loading any application, even non Java apps.
> and eclipse requires Java.
> [ AMD Athlon AM2 3800+ 1 GB ddr2 @ 533 MHz onboard Sata for drive
> interface. ]
> I personally avoid software that has that much of an effect on
> performance. :D
> Jaqui

I'm on a fairly old AMD 3200+ with 1G DDR2 and SATA2 hdd.

My OS is Ubuntu Hardy (and whilst on Gutsy too) and I don't notice any 
performance impact.

I just did a quick test. I was running the following apps before 
starting Eclipse:

* Thunderbird apprx 20,000 messages and Lightning > 8 calendar 
collections on a caldav server.
* Firefox 3 Beta 5 (8 tabs open, extensions: Firebug and Webdeveloper)
* Skype
* A VirtualBox VM running Hardy.
* And of course all the desktop crud (compiz etc) that comes with Ubuntu.

 From raw, Eclipse loaded to fully working and connected to two remote 
SVN repos in about 45 seconds. (My Eclipse perspective had 6 tabs open 
and has loaded 8 plugins of it's own including).

So it ain't that bad...


The way out is open!

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