Not-For-Profit (part of Future of LFS discussion)

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Mon May 19 02:35:48 PDT 2008

Could some kind American or Canadian soul post a link to something that 
explains this concept as it applies to a corporation?  I think some of us 
Non-NA peeps could do with an understanding of that it means, and IANAL!  
I presume it cheaper than a Delaware Corporation :-)

For what little it's worth, I have assumed that any contribution I have 
made via these Usenet lists is Public Domain unless it contains a 
specific copyright notice, so I can't see how I could assign it to a 
Foundation.  In so far as it has been incorporated into an LFS Book, I 
have already, by the act of contributing as an editor, assigned the 
copyright to the book's copyright holder as defined in the Prologue to 
the book in question.  Or have I?  I certainly intended to.

It seems to me that this is not connected too intimately with the other 
discussions.  But really does merit getting right before we invest too 
much in the rest of it.  I have been unhappy for some time (years) that 
copyright to the LFS book resides with Gerard, not because I don't want 
him to have it, but because I am unsure of who would inherit it, or to 
whom it might be assigned by him 'in extremis' (several scenarios to 
consider here).


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