Future of LFS

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun May 18 17:46:00 PDT 2008

> This is still the most important aspect of the book.  Adding more educational 


Bruce, could you make a collection of the educational items you 
mentioned. We should record this in a Trac ticket (or multiple tickets) 
so we can find it again. I fear it will end up buried in this thread 

> I'd also like to expand Chapter 7 to explain the boot process better starting 
> with how the kernel finds init and what happens when it is found.  Pointers to 

Displaying the code snipped from kernel's init/main.c would be very 
informative and at the same time shows all the built-in defaults the 
kernel knows about (/sbin/init /etc/init /bin/init /bin/sh - in that 
order unless init= is specified on the kernel command line).

> This is one of two difficult areas to address.  How to present PM and how to 
> integrate it into the book will take a lot of time to reach consensus on the 
> approach to take.  It would basically affect every page in Chapter 6.

On March 5, Alexander submitted a few technical comparisons between rpm, 
deb and slackware-like tgz.

These emails were sent on March 5, subject "Package Management - 
technical comparisons." I'm going to go back to that thread and re-read 
all the posts. If there are any other comments to make on it, please 
send them in.

The rest of your post Bruce, speaks for itself at least in my mind. 
64-bit will be well off being its own dedicated discussion topic rather 
than getting cluttered in everything else.

I think we should start somewhere and go from there. The educational 
aspect don't require much discussion. I doubt anybody would be against 
it. Let's start on the PM and make some decisions for moving forward.


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