Future of LFS

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun May 18 13:17:04 PDT 2008

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> The basic idea is multi-part:
>   1) Continue to use XML as the source (because it is a standard for 
> defining data and is easily parsed) _but_ to use, as much as possible, 
> fewer and simpler tags.
>   2) PHP renders the pages based on a choice of PM or architecture
>   3) To ease editing and/or the learning curve of the new XML, the book 
> (at a level of individual sections) can be edited with a sort of custom 
> wiki interface.

It seems that your idea is for a look and feel change along with a dynamic 
change of the book depending on the type if PM chosen by the user.

Changing the look and feel may be a nice thing to do, but I wouldn't put it at 
the highest priority.  There are lots of content issues that are more important 
in my opinion.

Setting up for multiple PM types introduces a reasonably high level of 
complexity.  I think it also could detract from the learning aspect of the book 
as it selectively removes things.  We also don't know yet how to do one method 
of PM, let alone multiple methods.

An issue that is not clear to me from your link is how I can make a change on my 
system locally and render the book and review the results before committing the 

   -- Bruce

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