Future of LFS

Julio Meca Hansen lydianknight at gmail.com
Sun May 18 13:20:13 PDT 2008

> I wanted to wait a bit before commenting to see if anyone else would
> comment first. But perhaps the lack of comments is in part because
> people feel it has all been said already? Maybe it is time that we just
> pick a general direction based on the comments we've already received
> and start moving forward with it in a testing/development arena.

Sorry for my very late answer, as every of you know, I don't exactly take a 
proper place in the
LFS development process as I tend to limit myself to point to new package 
releases and practically
no more, but well... maybe it's time to dedicate my time to more concept 
testing rather than
package surveillance & reporting ;)

>  2) PHP renders the pages based on a choice of PM or architecture

It's a very good idea, I've watched at the example you made and I find it 
very nice, I think this
could be the model for the future implentation of the LFS book (although I'm 
against the idea of
PM due to the 'original' educational nature of LFS (and from my personal 
opinion, it should continue
to be that way, so if the users can choose whether they want a book focused 
on PM, great... and
for those (like me) who prefer the 'good old' way of making the complete 
compilation process, great

But can you explain a bit more what kind of data editing are you thinking 
about? I'm not sure
if letting people edit the contents would be a wise idea, unless you were 
thinking in the people involved
in LFS (I was kinda thinking ala wikipedia, edit for all)

> You can view it here:
> http://lightcubesolutions.com/~jhuntwork/dLFS/

As I said before... I find it to be awesome :)


P.D. (just as a suggestion... could we be using tango icons & artwork for 
the book? maybe it's not only the time to change the
direction of LFS, but also its aesthetical appearance) 

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