Future of LFS

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun May 18 12:36:26 PDT 2008

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> As everybody has their own ideas and wishes, you'll find the document is 
> not comprehensive and complete by any means. That's where the 
> discussions here come in, to make sure it *becomes* complete.
> Looking forward to reading you guys' comments.

I wanted to wait a bit before commenting to see if anyone else would 
comment first. But perhaps the lack of comments is in part because 
people feel it has all been said already? Maybe it is time that we just 
pick a general direction based on the comments we've already received 
and start moving forward with it in a testing/development arena.

Anyway, I realized after doing the PHP concept code showing flexibility 
in rendering, that if we add any sort of dynamic ability we will 
probably want to change our approach to writing the book. If we don't, 
it may prove too difficult or cumbersome to edit the book(s). In fact, 
some might say the current books already approach that status.

So, I decided to draw up another proof of concept. This one doesn't give 
any PM examples, but it does show how we might ease editing of a 
conceivably more advanced book.

The basic idea is multi-part:

  1) Continue to use XML as the source (because it is a standard for 
defining data and is easily parsed) _but_ to use, as much as possible, 
fewer and simpler tags.

  2) PHP renders the pages based on a choice of PM or architecture

  3) To ease editing and/or the learning curve of the new XML, the book 
(at a level of individual sections) can be edited with a sort of custom 
wiki interface.

I had hoped to make the POC more full-featured before showing it, but at 
present, I'm not sure how much time I will have to finish it up and I'd 
rather not let the idea die, if in fact, there is any interest in it.

You can view it here:



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