udev in chroot

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Fri Jan 25 04:13:20 PST 2008

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Jacek Herold wrote:
> In earlier system it was not a problem to have two udev working -
> second in chroot (somehow).

Earlier udev versions didn't try to create this socket, either.  The
upstream udev developers do *not* (seem to) intend to allow anyone to
run multiple udevd processes on a single machine.  (Well, except in a

> Is it possible to create device files in chroot /dev without using 
> bind-mounts?

Sure it's possible -- mknod works fine.  ;-)  (Not that I'm actually
recommending running MAKEDEV.  But it would work, at least for now.  "cp
- -a" from the host's /dev right after shutting down its udevd would work
as well.  Besides, if you leave the host's udevd running, you can't
remove the host's hard drive, as files will still be in use.  They may
unlink, but they'll still be present on the disk.  That's the same
reason an initramfs needs to shut down udevd before switching over to
the real root FS.)

udevd doesn't start up, because it can't bind to whatever socket it's
trying to bind to.  If this is the same socket that I was having issues
with, it's the one used to receive control messages from udevcontrol.
You might be able to disable that if udevd is given a certain
command-line option, but upstream didn't want to accept the patch when I
tried it.  Doesn't mean they still won't, of course.
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