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Hello Bryan,

Friday, January 25, 2008, 2:10:20 AM, you wrote:

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BK> Jacek Herold wrote:
>> I'm trying to change to the chroot environment. When starting udev 
>> (in the chroot environment) i have the following error:

BK> The book doesn't start udev in the chroot environment (...does it?), for
BK> exactly this reason.  I'm surprised it worked at all with earlier
BK> kernels -- although I would suspect that it may have worked with earlier
BK> udev versions.

BK> (This is something we still need to figure out regarding the udev
BK> persistent-net support, too: writing the udev rules doesn't work anymore
BK> unless udev is running, and it's never running until after the target
BK> system boots.  That's too late to generate the rules, because the user
BK> has to configure the NIC in chapter 7.)

BK> Unless earlier book versions ever started udev inside chroot?  I don't
BK> think so, but they might have...

BK> (If you want udev to manage your /dev while you're in chroot, you can
BK> bind-mount the host's /dev and use its udev, instead of running two udev
BK> processes.)
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I was trying to move the whole system to RAM then remove the boot hard
drive - just for some researches :). In earlier system it was not a
problem to have two udev working - second in chroot (somehow). I can't
use the bind-mount.

Is it possible to create device files in chroot /dev without using

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