Planning an overall direction for LFS

George Makrydakis george at
Fri Feb 29 15:09:33 PST 2008

On Saturday 01 March 2008 00:55:04 David Jensen wrote:
> George Makrydakis wrote:
> > This means that there is always the benefit of the doubt. If you want
> > this settled, you know where and how to find me. If this is a
> > misunderstanding ,it is a long standing one and I propose we resolve this
> > now before everything else. It would be of mutual benefit. In private.
> If I might suggest:  Use Gerard as an arbiter, it is his project.
> ---
> David Jensen

Glad to hear about this.

You make sense unlike others who were simply offensive in their haste. And 
reasonable arguments are always well accepted. For what it concerns me, the 
talk I have just had with Jeremy rectified what needed to be rectified 
between us.

You will be having news about this from both of us, I have no reason now, but 
to trust Jeremy on this. And trust him, I will.

Thanks for spending the bandwith in replying, David.


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