Planning an overall direction for LFS

George Makrydakis george at
Fri Feb 29 06:20:25 PST 2008

On Friday 29 February 2008 03:23:21 Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hello All,
> Please bear with me... this is a long post, although I tried to keep it
> simple and easy to read.
> Gerard invited me to share some of my ideas with him privately about our
> recent discussions on lfs-dev. What follows is mostly what I presented
> to him, with a summary of his comments at the end.

I would have some heavy commenting to do on the origin of what you are 
proposing here but in anycase, time for this will come and you know it. People 
who know, know. Those who don't probably did not care enough. Discussion in 
here about this bears little fruit for the time being.

> Any thoughts? Do you like the above ideas (or some of them)? Does it
> spark any further ideas?

In my very humble opinion, this is a limited conceptual backport of what has 
been discussed elsewhere, at about more than one year ago. Again, people who 
know, know.

Here is where the proposal I have been talking about is to have home:

All code is original and no one but yours truly has contributed to what you 
are to receive. The design is also of yours truly and it started more than one 
year ago (on/off development for various reasons).

The initial release aims at developers, the goal is to provide a completely 
agnostic system building platform, without any dependencies to the end users, 
but a working C++ compiler.

Internationalization is embedded in the system, it is XML oriented, it 
abstracts package management. For those interested in a web - counterpart, it 
has already been taken care of.

I am to release a first important set of features, this release does not give 
a complete toolkit, but a toolkit for people to use and develop their own 
books, the way they want them without anyone calling the shots.

That is, there is no hardcoding, unlike what you find in current automation 
methods, the end user calls the shots. The way they want it, they way they 
don't want it, they can even build their own builder to do things differently 
if they wish to. I would have a lot more to say, but it is neither the place, 
or the time.

What is odreex? A component framework. A library set. A toolkit. A swiss army 

Expect the release tomorrow at some point. Mailing lists at:


George Makrydakis

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