Planning an overall direction for LFS

taipan sysadm.taipan67 at
Fri Feb 29 05:04:05 PST 2008

 From my novice-perspective, this is a most enjoyable thread to read - 
my thanks to everybody who's contributing. It's inspiring a whole host 
of idea's (or pipedreams) that are still very incoherent, i'm afraid...

One prospect that i find especially appealing is a 'module' on 'how to 
become a developer' (for wont of a better title), which would teach 
people like me how source-code is analysed to divine dependencies, how 
build-sequences can then be put together, build-scripts formulated, & so 
on & so forth (told you i was a novice)...

...Educational *AND* with the potential to spread the workload of 
maintaining the book(s) & build-script repositories (if such things came 
into existence) by developing more developers.

If & when i become any more coherent, i'll be sure to let you know... ;)


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