Planning an overall direction for LFS

J. Greenlees lists at
Fri Feb 29 01:16:45 PST 2008

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hello All,


> Merging the projects is a good idea, but I think, for the sake of
> customization and flexibility, it will still be good to break down LFS
> into 'modules' as Alan Lord suggested. It will all still be a part of
> the same whole and the workload combined, but the modularity will allow
> for choice.

I have a zip archive from a php-mysql web apps manual that has a php
based script designed for authoring articles / books with multiple authors.
older script, so not fully current, would need a lot of updating.
The book authors keep copyright, naturally, but allow for use as in open
source software, so it can be used as an idea / foundation for building
the website to support this.
[ multiple scripts in the archive, yet less than 400 KB in size. ]

These scripts currently send not quite standards compliant html to the
browser, missing some header elements for compliancy, which is an easy
fix. They do not stop anyone needing assistive technologies from
accessing the site as is.

if anyone wants them, just send me a message and I'll attach the archive
and send it to you.

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