Planning an overall direction for LFS

DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Feb 28 17:54:32 PST 2008

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

<Snip the excellent rundown>

> Any thoughts? Do you like the above ideas (or some of them)? Does it 
> spark any further ideas?

I like and especially the individualized book.  I still differ on the 
package manager, I just think that DESTDIR stinks, but potentially 
provides some educational value as to post installation tasks and the 
inner workings of the distros.  I'll just have to live with it, well at 
least until I take the time to create a POC, and hopefully that can be 
melded into my personal book.   Unfortunately, I was supposed to be 
someplace 20 minutes ago and haven't even left yet so I don't have the 
time right now to explain my DESTDIR comment, I just wanted to drop a 
vote of approval for the overall.  Be back tomorrow with more thoughts 
as the thread develops.

-- DJ Lucas

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