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Ag. D. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 12:33:09 PST 2008

On Thu, Feb 28, at 02:35 George Makrydakis wrote:
> 7) Perhaps some of the people majorly involved in this have understood that it 
> is time to stop behaving the way they did. If that is the case, things should 
> fare out well.
> If not and this is another PR stunt ...

It isn't and really you doesn't have to think this way. 

I wrote it in the past and I will repeat it, (for me) its not about who has
the biggest d* in the market and quite frankly, in LFS we shouldn't care
for our popularity and we doesn't have to be involved in a comparison game
with other distributions.
We are here for a reason (education) and this make us unique.

But, what we have to care is our product. And in this matter you are
absolutely correct about the superiority of Greg's build method.
And its not a secret that DIY reference guide had become upstream
for us in toolchain issues and of course this should be become official
and start a cooperation with him.

Some things I like to mention:  (I am not referring to you particularly)

a. While we are speaking about package management, for me the reason I care
   mostly about (package management) is only for LSB compliance.

   And while we are talking about standards, another goal we have to reach
   is FHS compliance and to document any NO POSIX behaviors (mostly bash'isms)
   in packages.

b. While the truth is that the project indeed is in maintenance
   mode, please keep in mind that this is not always an easy task, in fact
   usually is harder than innovating, because is (some kind of) a boring
   So based on this remark, whatever it will be decided at the end, please
   try to make future tasks (like to update a package) easier and to
   encourage wide participation.

  [parenthesis] Speaking about participation.
  The strongest part of LFS is its userland. Everybody alone is a 
  distribution maintainer and precious source of information because this
  is the nature of LFS way. We carry the exciting burden to build and
  maintain our personal distribution.
  So please participate in the development of LFS, not only by writing
  in the mailing lists (which is our salt/sugar and it is a great tool
  and a geeky lovely game), but and to write a patch for your favorite
  program and commit it either to Track or in the {B}LFS mailing list.
  Participation in Track tickets is also valuable.[/parenthesis]

c. I was involved in such discussions in the past and I had high hopes
   that things would change. They didn't. What left to me is that usually
   nothing happens, so please take start to take actions.
   Here are some tasks: (Mostly to Jeremy)

   * Start a thread about the name of the new project.  
   * After that; Create a mailing list for the project and use that list
   from now and on.
   * Create a Repo.
   * Start a draft for a manifesto.
   * Record the ideas from these threads. 

d. Speaking about the latter.
   Many people had offered ideas, plans and scripts. Please -and I am 
   speaking to them mostly - its precious material and it has to be
   evaluated. Currently there is a ton of information that much will be
   lost and it is a pity. Please continue to contribute and upload
   somewhere your scripts/drafts and post them in the new mailing list.
   In the same spirit keep in touch because we have to fight :) (at least
   I will) for to make this new project more easy to
   contribute/participate and quite possible there will be many interest
   things/tasks to do and I am sure every one will find the desired task
   to get involved with one way or another.
   [parenthesis] What the great thing would be if we could attract
   upstream developers to participate in our project. We are offering by
   tradition (libraries and binaries) in their purest form, I don't
   think there is another distribution that is using less patches than
   us. So I think it worths advertising that LFS is a great platform to
   test their programs.[/parenthesis]

e. Speaking about advertisement; we need it. And we need the right people
   for the job (like Alan for example), people with the right social skills
   anyway (NOT YOU GEORGE!!!).

   [parenthesis AND JUST FOR GEORGE] Speaking about you and your social
   skills is a shame that you don't speak *only* about technical issues.
   You are obviously a high IQ'er. Please and just for me, because I am
   the only ellinas in here, make me me a favor and concentrate how to
   resurrect this project and I am sure you will find many reasons to
   stay in front of your screen and your editor to contribute some code
   for LFS.[/parenthesis]

f. I am waiting.
  \ /

> I will limit myself to submitting a proposal for refining your community 
> first, if I may. A technical proposal is to follow in anycase, some people 
> from clfs know about it. Two days left, really.
> It has been a long time, hasn't it...
Yes, lets see what you have to say.

To zoumi kai oxi ta parapona gia tin atimi zoi i gia tous neoyrkezous.
Na kanoume kati; oi prakseis mas menoun s ayton ton kosmo.
Arxisa computing sta geramata (sta 37 - stis 23 flebari egina 41) 
giati exasa ena koritsaki kai den exo katholou xrono gia xasimo.
Eisai ekseritika efyis. Parakalo doylepse gia to project kai stamata na
kritikareis ton kosmo. San xari sro zitao.

> Dux Vitae Ratio
How the hell you managed to speak with Ciaran. Oh I forgot. He lacks
social skills too.


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