What if the book wasn't a book anymore

J. Greenlees lists at jaqui-greenlees.net
Thu Feb 28 01:54:59 PST 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> 2008/2/28, J. Greenlees <lists at jaqui-greenlees.net>:
>> Ok, how about something completely different then, go multimedia in a
>>  lot of the presentation of information.
>>  recordmydesktop, and the gtk interface for it will create ogg video
>>  clips of what you are doing on your desktop, with audio track for
>>  describing it verbally. A 20 Minute clip of installing PCLinuxOS is 25.7
>>  MB, 5 fps and 33% audio video quality settings in the recording, looks
>>  and sounds just fine, you can even hear keystrokes used during the
>>  recording.
> And that costs $5 here to download.

yup, and more in some areas of the world.

>>  Use these to fill the website with what each application is used for,
>>  why it's configured the way it is to help draw more people to the
>>  project as well. It seems most people want their "learning" to be
>>  through video, with sites like http://showmedo.com/ being a prime example.
> Correct, that's a way to deliver information. It does work for a
> single author. However, here you are wandering into the unexplored
> territory of collaborated video editing.

not really, collaborative video proofing, since if there was a set
format that everyone followed there wouldn't need to be editing of it.

>>  This type of presentation would draw a lot more people who have never
>>  looked at linux though, so the Theora Vorbis-ogg video format is
>>  problematical if they only have windows. Miro media player works on all
>>  platforms and handles it fine for them ;)
> Also this means that we would automatically lose blind people from the audience.

The included audio will work for most visually impaired, but that is a
good point.. I wonder if subtitles could be pushed into a screen reader
somehow to answer that concern.

> (sorry if I sound too critical about every new proposal--just don't
> take it too seriously, the current situation is also not ideal)

Not a problem, it was just my immediate thought on reading Gerard's
post, since I have been looking at doing new-to-Linux-end-user type
video clips and making them available cross platform. I didn't expect it
to be a perfect idea, just one to help break the box open for people. :)

personally, the livecd as a demonstration distro for building your own
distro idea has my interest, though my time is limited with new business
startup. [ lots of questions filling my head on how to implement a from
source installer, that works with tarballs rather than having to extract
them first. said installer to also be the package manager, so you would
only need to put the tarball into a specific folder for it to be
available for the distro.. patches for updates etc same way. ( end user
friendly ) ]

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