What if the book wasn't a book anymore

J. Greenlees lists at jaqui-greenlees.net
Thu Feb 28 01:00:24 PST 2008

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> What if LFS wasn't in book form anymore. What if it's an interactive 
> program instead. A 100% merge of LFS, BLFS, ALFS, <any>LFS.
> It starts with running the LFS program (be it a real program or 
> collection of scripts). What is now the LFS book is on-screen instead. 
> You read the chapter portions as you work your way through an installation.
> You still have 100% control but you can decide fully manual (today's 
> style) or fully automatic style (when you've done it before and you just 
> want to get the end result).
> Or a different example, you know you need a program installed. You 
> install it. Then you are left hanging: "Okay, now what. It's installed. 
> Somewhere. There are configuration files. Somewhere. I'm sure there is 
> documentation that answers those questions. Somewhere."
> Just some more food for thoughts. While we're discussing let's also take 
> the time to think outside the box. Abandon, at least in theory, anything 
> that is currently LFS, pre-conceived notions and otherwise, and see what 
> happens when we re-invent LFS and the way we do things.

Ok, how about something completely different then, go multimedia in a
lot of the presentation of information.
recordmydesktop, and the gtk interface for it will create ogg video
clips of what you are doing on your desktop, with audio track for
describing it verbally. A 20 Minute clip of installing PCLinuxOS is 25.7
MB, 5 fps and 33% audio video quality settings in the recording, looks
and sounds just fine, you can even hear keystrokes used during the
Use these to fill the website with what each application is used for,
why it's configured the way it is to help draw more people to the
project as well. It seems most people want their "learning" to be
through video, with sites like http://showmedo.com/ being a prime example.

distributing your proposed application on a live dvd would give space to
include a lot of video clips about the software installing handing them
the information you mention as lacking in not being presented.

This type of presentation would draw a lot more people who have never
looked at linux though, so the Theora Vorbis-ogg video format is
problematical if they only have windows. Miro media player works on all
platforms and handles it fine for them ;)

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