Package Management

Dale & Yvonne Ogilvie eph6rs02 at
Wed Feb 27 23:49:18 PST 2008

Ah, LFS. I remember it well. The reason why I retired my LFS system was lack of package management. It was great to build it from whoa to go, but for continuing use, I couldn't keep all my software up-to date, or even try out new software very easily. Package management aids the community by allowing specialists/enthusiasts to maintain software for the community. And this works best when the package management system itself is not a black art only for the experts.

When I left LFS behind, I settled on ArchLinux as my replacement, primarily because of its package management. I still remember the jolting slow-down going from my hand-built KDE desktop to Arch though, and wonder if I could have the best of both worlds?

So, might I commend the ArchLinux package management system as a contender. It is simple enough that even I can, and have, created my own packages when I so desire. I never got this far with rpm, or any other system. Take a look at their PKGBUILD system for inspiration:



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