What if the book wasn't a book anymore

George Makrydakis george at obsethryl.eu
Wed Feb 27 15:25:31 PST 2008

On Thursday 28 February 2008 01:06:41 Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> What if LFS wasn't in book form anymore. What if it's an interactive
> program instead. A 100% merge of LFS, BLFS, ALFS, <any>LFS.

This requires a glue point (book, and non book - form). You will have that.  
But does your <any>LFS actually _exclude_ clfs, diy-linux and the "rest"?

> [ ... ]

> Just some more food for thoughts. While we're discussing let's also take
> the time to think outside the box. Abandon, at least in theory, anything
> that is currently LFS, pre-conceived notions and otherwise, and see what
> happens when we re-invent LFS and the way we do things.

In anyway, what would make this particular reinvention of LFS better than its 

You have some valid points there, expect to receive what you asked for, this 

Things seem to be ripening around here, aren't they. But, it is one thing to 
talk about these things though and an entirely different one implementing 

> G

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