What next? [Was: Re: LiveCD or No LiveCD?]

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Feb 26 11:00:14 PST 2008

TheOldFellow wrote:
> My feeling is that LFS-NG should use the new DIY-Linux build method, AND
> have a Package Management system, AND have a defined way of managing
> updates.  THEN, I think ALFS and BLFS should use the chosen PM.

Well this certainly is taking the discussion to the next level. I'm 
interested in hearing more about possibilities and like you am anxious 
to hear what Gerard has in mind.

Would be nice to see LFS take some progressive steps forward again...

> Everyone should go build a DIY-Linux, and a CLFS system before
> deciding.  Ditch your prejudices and have an experiment. (Please
> forgive me for all the bruised toes and egos - or you can shout at me
> if you want)

At least I can skip the homework assignment on this one, having already 
done it. :)


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