LiveCD or No LiveCD?

Mike Lynch mjlynch at
Tue Feb 26 03:48:53 PST 2008

My 2 cents is going to have to go towards keeping the LiveCD.  I find
it very useful to use for building LFS on target systems that don't already
have a Linux distro installed.  Several have suggested that a liveCD
from a different distro could be used but I suspect finding one with all of
the development tools needed may be more difficult than expected.  This
is because most other liveCD are intended to provide all of the software
needed so they can be used as is for internet, etc.  These other liveCD
are packed with browsers, word processing software, and the like rather
than development tools.

The biggest advantage to the liveCD is the fact that it does what it was
intended to do.  It provides the set of tools needed and eliminates the
need to have a version of linux installed on the target.  I've been using
linux since the early 90's and know my way around it pretty well.  But,
building the whole works from source had always eluded me just because
I didn't have the time to spend to go figure it out.  Then I ran across LFS
and, unfortunately when I made my first attempt to follow the book I
did so using an Ubuntu distro and ran into lots of problems but did get
things working.  Finally, I tried the liveCD and have been in love with
it ever since.  So, bottom line, if there is some way to keep it around,
I'd vote for doing so.


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