LiveCD or No LiveCD?

J. Greenlees lists at
Tue Feb 26 00:29:11 PST 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> 2008/2/25, Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at>:

> Here is a problem: in order to support both accessibility (for blind
> users) and UTF-8 at the same time, the CD has to boot into GNOME and
> start Orca. There is no console-based solution that understands UTF-8.

Odd, I just tested and in cli only I was able to create a text file,
using touch, edit it to add content and it's encoding is utf-8

edited using ed

I purposely make utf-8 the default encoding in every package, it seems
to have enabled utf-8 in bash for me.


[ attached file is the file I made as a test ]

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