Link to file-4.23.tar.gz in LFS Development SVN-20080219 Incorrect

Robert Daniels 0m3g4_w34p0n at
Mon Feb 25 18:47:38 PST 2008

On Sunday 24 February 2008 12:50:17 am Aaron Matsumoto wrote:
> I've been a longtime LFS builder and would like to thank all of you
> for your support and great work.
> I was getting ready for a fresh build of the Development LFS (in
> preparation for some further work on [independent] OS coding). I
> started to download the packages as listed in Section 3, and noticed
> that the link in the document for obtaining file-4.23.tar.gz is
> incorrect.
> SVN-2008219 shows the link (excluding double quotes) as
> "".
> The correct link should be
> "" (i.e. drop
> "/pub" from the link). Just verified this.
> Thank you, keep up the great work, and I hope this helps. Hopefully I
> can contribute more than this correction to a typo instead of just
> being a "consumer".
> --
> Aaron K. Matsumoto
> aaron.k.matsumoto at

I reported this bug a few days ago, it has been fixed in svn.

I'd be glad to see another contributor on board.  I'm just getting 
started on contributing to blfs development myself.


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