Happy Birthday LFS

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Mon Feb 25 00:36:38 PST 2008

lfs-dev-bounces at linuxfromscratch.org wrote on 02/24/2008 03:05:38 AM:

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Hey all,
> The LFS project is almost nine years old. LFS 1.0 was released on 
> December 16, 1999. That was the year I had moved to Canada, before my 
> immigration was even finalized. Earlier that year I started on the LFS 
> project.

I used LFS as a development machine for the Ronja project 
(=my desktop) for many years. Then
I moved and installed gentoo. That didn't work well. Then I installed 
That didn't work either. Then I installed LFS on the PC in the work and it 
fine (except OpenOffice doesn't work, but that's not a fault of LFS, but 
of OpenOffice).

Few days ago I installed my new LFS machine which I am going to use for 
Ronja development
again. Maybe I could put the puzzled Penguin on the Ronja page into the 
list of used software.

The important thing on LFS is that it never fails as a whole because there 
is no whole. It's
just individual parts, and if one part fails, it's a fault of that part 
and that's not
an issue. If a program is badly written, the program should be fixed, not 
workarounded by
someone who has less clue about it than the author.

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