Happy Birthday LFS

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Feb 25 17:14:29 PST 2008

> it would be great for some college to offer a class centered around LFS 
> - start with a box full of parts and the LFS LiveCD at the beginning of 
> the semester and end up with a LAMP server at the end, all built from 
> source.

You know, it's done already. Over the years quite a few universities and 
colleges have used the LFS project as material for hands-on UNIX 
projects. I myself have even taught such a class myself a number of 
years ago on the SUN Solaris platform as part of the SUN Solaris System 
Admin course. It ended up being a very informative lab trying to build 
SUN from scratch (in the binary sense. I didn't get to do a proper From 
Scratch using source code only. That isn't so easily done on SUN systems 
where not all source code is even freely available).


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