Happy Birthday LFS

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Feb 25 17:12:11 PST 2008

> But, there is a definite "lull" in the community currently as I am sure 
> you will be aware. As a personal observation, I think the project needs 
> to go back to it's roots and emphasise the educational angle more 

All the points you brought up, as well as others, are certainly valid. I 
agree with all of them myself. Part of the problem is that people have 
gotten tired (not as in the phrase "sick and tired of something" but 
actually exhausted). It takes a great deal of effort, even more so in 
the BLFS project, to keep things up to date. A lot of is menial grunt 
work and you can only do it for so many years before one becomes burned out.

This could largely be alleviated by having something else to look 
forward to within the project. Time for change? I don't have the answers 
yet to it all. But we definitely need something new to be excited about 
within the overall LFS project.

When everybody is excited again, then the grunt work aspect which will 
always exist, will become less of a chore and less of the project's main 
focus and be relegated to being a necessary evil, rather than all there 
is to do.

> There is a virtually unlimited path for the direction/coverage of the 
> LFS project as a whole, but it needs more promotion. It makes me sad to 
> see how quiet these lists are right now.

Unlimited indeed. Let's get some ideas brought forward for discussion.

> I suggest we start a thread, or even a new "marketing" list, to discuss 
> and develop a plan to stimulate this project further.

Before we start "marketing" we should probably first figure out the 
internal direction we want this project to take.

I have some ideas or at least suggestions and observations myself I'll 
bring forward. They're notes in a rough draft I've started putting 
together a few weeks ago. Let me finish them up and send them off to 
this list for discussion.


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