Happy Birthday LFS

Robert Daniels 0m3g4_w34p0n at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 24 03:59:17 PST 2008

Happy birthday to LFS!

This is a wonderful project, one of the two most important projects to 
me (the other being KDE).  This is really how I learned linux about 4 
years ago.  I tried a couple distros for about a month, and saw a lot 
of potential, but there was always something that seemed wrong.  I 
couldn't make all my own choices, and there was always some little 
thing that wouldn't work the way I expected.  Then I found LFS and 
learned bash while working through the book.  I have never looked back, 
and only occasionally look at the grass on the other side, so to speak.

So, thank you very much for teaching me how to do things the way I want 
them done.

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