Moving to Grub2?

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Thu Dec 4 08:06:48 PST 2008

> Hello,
> I started working on bringing in compatible boot loaders for use with
> x86_64 (and, possibly, PowerPC). The idea at first was just to move all
> bootloaders down to chapter 8 and list which ones are compatible for
> which arch/setup.
> I have started on that route already, see here:
> But as I'm working on this, I figured I'd pop in to grub2 headquarters
> and see what the status is. I know that historically, this community
> hasn't really been too fond of grub2 because of all the perceived
> attention spent on bells and whistles.
> Still, the idea of one bootloader that works for nearly all hardware
> (their site says: It is working on PC, OpenFirmware-based PowerPC
> machines (PowerMac and Pegasos) and EFI-based PC (IntelMac)), it's just
> too attractive to ignore completely.
> The latest version is 1.96, released in February of this year. Has
> anyone tested this yet?

I did some work on the PowerPC GRUB2 implementation some time ago and have
not looked at it in a while. I took some pictures of an
OpenSolaris/Solaris Nevada situation on PowerPC back then and still have
them around :

It worked well enough even if I did have problems with the menu list
initially. I can't recall the last time I have looked at this or given it
any thought. Perhaps I should take a glance there again as I was ( past
tense ) doing some LFS work earlier this year on PowerPC and had
diligently documented each and every build step.

Dennis Clarke

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