Moving to Grub2?

lfs at lfs at
Thu Dec 4 06:10:14 PST 2008

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> lfs at wrote:
>> I've been running it since march and it happily boots everything I have 
>> on the box.  This includes OS X and WinXP i addition to LFS.  Cant 
>> remember any special problems either, but this is close to 9 months 
>> back.  I do remember using the instructions from CBLFS
> That's good to hear. I didn't realize that CBLFS had a page. I used this 
> as a general guide:
probably because they don't :-(

I'm in error on where I found the info.  sorry about that, but it just 
shows how flimsy and inaccurate my memory is...


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