Moving to Grub2?

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Dec 4 06:05:28 PST 2008

lfs at wrote:
> I've been running it since march and it happily boots everything I have 
> on the box.  This includes OS X and WinXP i addition to LFS.  Cant 
> remember any special problems either, but this is close to 9 months 
> back.  I do remember using the instructions from CBLFS

That's good to hear. I didn't realize that CBLFS had a page. I used this 
as a general guide:

I must say, this was the easiest boot loader setup (just to get from 
source to a working boot screen) I have yet encountered in Linux. It 
appears to be working well, and the default doesn't seem to introduce 
any major bells and whistles that I can see.

The auto-configuration tools are pretty accurate. With two quick 
commands you can get grub auto-configured for a default Linux setup 
pretty easily. Obviously we'd want to show how to tweak the 
configuration manually, but I think, just to get things working for 
trunk, we could just drop in the commands auto-config and build on that.

As an aside, what does everyone think of having grub moved down to 
chapter 8 just after the installation of the kernel? I kind of like it 


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