LFS LiveCD 6.3-r2130 available for download

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Mon Oct 22 08:58:10 PDT 2007

A new testing release of LFS LiveCD, r2130, is available for download 
for x86 and x86_64 architectures. It is based on LFS-6.3. This release 
contains mostly minor bugfixes. If a previous release works for you, 
there is no need to update, but testing is always welcome. Please mail 
reports (not only bug reports) to the livecd mailing list.

For each architecture, "r2130" (full), "r2130-nosrc" and "r2130-min" 
images are available. The -nosrc CD does not contain LFS source 
tarballs, but is otherwise identical to the full release. The -min CD 
does not contain X window system and source tarballs.



The ISO images should also appear on other mirrors shortly.

As compared to the previous testing snapshot (r2052 for x86 and r2014 
for x86_64), the following changes have been made:


 * The CD now recognizes the hda=remap63 option on non-PCI PnP IDE 
interfaces (the "load=ide-generic" option is still needed for non-PCI 
IDE controllers, though).
 * Fixed the issue that manifests itself as "invalid ioctl for device" 
messages from brltty. This was caused by a missing feature in GPM.
 * Lynx now uses vim as an editor when editing contents of web forms. 
This is required because the internal editor does not support UTF-8.
 * Fixed the default path to LFS XML book in jhalfs.
 * Fixed permissions for non-standard floppy devices (but the stock LFS 
still contains a bug).
 * Worked around the "hardware-assisted scanning doesn't work" bug in 
the iwlwifi driver.
 * Disabled autoloading of the obsolete eepro100 network driver.
 * Enabled the same subset of netfilter modules on x86 and x86_64.
 * Disabled autoloading of the "generic" and "ata-generic" modules. Now 
they are loaded only if the "all_generic_ide" option appears on the 
command line.
 * Removed attempts to retry to find the CD. Now the "rootdelay=20" boot 
option is mandatory when booting from USB CD-ROM drives.
 * "Fixed" (by compiling with -O0) inability of xfmedia to play video 
files on x86_64.
 * Fixed the default screen font selection in UTF-8 locales. Now the 
default font contains the Euro character, if possible.
 * Fixed parsing of the "rootflags" boot option (relevant when booting 
from an ISO image without burning it).

New features:

 * Added support for parallel ports and IOMEGA zip drives.
 * The "kpartx" program is included that allows an alternative approach 
for the required partition mapping. This is the only way to use drives 
with OnTrack disk manager together with libata-based drivers.
 * Added text-to-speech support in the form of speakup and espeak. 
Please read the README.html file before using this feature, because the 
included development version of speakup has user-visible differences 
from the stable one.
 * Added udev rule for autoloading drivers for PnP devices.
 * The 64-bit modules are now split from 32-bit ones into a separate 
initramfs image. This invalidates the remastering HOWTO as published by 
the Hints project, but allows the CD to boot again on machines with 32 
MB of RAM.
 * Now you can specify arbitrary modules, not just modules present in 
the initramfs, to be loaded during boot with the "load=..." boot option.

Package updates:

 * French manual pages (man-fr -> man-pages-fr upstream rename)
 * xine-lib (the new version fixes an important bug with sound quality, 
 * Replaced madwifi with the free "ath5k" driver that should be loaded 
automatically by udev. Reports are welcome whether the new driver works.

Other changes:

 * Removed kernel boot messages by default, because they often appear 
over configuration dialogs. To see the messages on the new CD, type 
"linux debug" at the boot prompt.
 * Redesigned boot help screens.
 * Shortened the default bash prompt.
 * Added a README.html file to the root directory of the ISO. Read it 
before booting. It contains important information about this CD. Some of 
this information (e.g., boot options related to the development version 
of speakup) is not available from other sources for people with visual 

Known bugs:

 * Copying and pasting with speakup inserts garbage characters and can 
crash the computer. Please use "screen" for copying and pasting instead. 
If this bug is critical enough so that one cannot build LFS, speakup 
will be replaced with yasr in the future LiveCD releases.
 * Brltty is compiled with speech support, but is not configured to use 
speech dispatcher.
 * There is no accessible console newsreader.
 * The rtl8187 wireless driver does not work (if it does work for you, 
report this).
 * BLFS package versions are old, there are many security issues.
 * The project is severely undermanned. Almost 250 packages are 
maintained by only two developers. Help is needed.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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