[LFS Trac] #2094: Add a new section for build results

Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Sun Oct 21 18:01:21 PDT 2007

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Jim Gifford wrote:
>> We were??  I sure wasn't and neither was Ryan. Your trying to design the 
>> chroot method of CLFS into LFS for other architectures, now your 
>> stepping into an area I would consider us the experts in. So why go 
>> their without cooperation with CLFS.
> Why do I need to personally consult the project lead when I want to base 
> decisions on technical info in your books that is publicly available for 
> all to read and use? I didn't steal text and (to my knowledge) we didn't 
> use any of the specific commands from your book, and as of now, none of 
> your patches. Are you saying that if I want to build packages from 
> source on my PowerPC or Sparc machine I need to first consult with the 
> CLFS leads? That's very silly. By saying that I consulted CLFS, I mean 
> that I used your book as a starting point for several decisions. But 
> that was very early on, and as of now, to the best of my knowledge 
> nothing from CLFS remains in the branch. Far more information came from 
> DIY, which btw, Greg, if I haven't given enough attribution, I apologize 
> and will work to fix that.
The bottom line Jeremy is that we could of worked with you on it, we 
could of explained some of the reasons why we do things. But instead 
your being on the defensive, you must have some to be ashamed of.
>> You seem to come and go when you want. You start something then leave 
>> and them come back and start something. If you leave again are their 
>> resources in place that can do this work for the other architectures 
>> besides x86_64?
> I don't see why this is even a concern to you, but it is a fair enough 
> observation. Real life gets in the way. Would you prefer that I go back 
> and remove all the things I have contributed in LFS and CLFS land, 
> because I don't have enough commitment to support it indefinitely?
If you going in this direction you need to make sure the support 
mechanisms are in place.
>> It seems like you created a branch to play around with, 
>> and now your trying to get it in the mainline.
> I'm sorry it appears that way to you. Go back and read the list 
> archives. I'm happy to merge items from the branch over, if that is what 
> other people want. But I'm also just as happy to do my own thing in the 
> branch as I have time and as the mood hits me, and never have one bit of 
> it merged to trunk. That's the entire reason why I named the branch 
> 'jh'. So that it would be obvious that the stuff there are items that I 
> personally wanted to play with and pursue and may have nothing to do 
> with 'real' LFS.
Then why do it and advertise it all over the place, do it on your own 
servers out of the public eye.
>> To quote yourself your 
>> not a "hardcore developer", but your trying to influence the direction 
>> of LFS to meet your needs.
> It's possible that I said such a thing, but I sure don't recall it. Can 
> you point me as to where?
> --
> JH

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