[LFS Trac] #2094: Add a new section for build results

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Sun Oct 21 15:06:54 PDT 2007

Justin R. Knierim wrote:

> It is 
> clear that supporting multiple arches is becoming more and more useful.  
> CLFS is a sub project of LFS and already has working and tested 
> implementations for so many arches, with 32bit, 64bit and multilib.  
> These are not all useful at this time in the main LFS book.

Umm, not sure why the CLFS guys are apparently getting their knickers in a
knot. The issue is very plain and simple:

  - CLFS mostly uses *CROSS* compilation
  - LFS always uses *NATIVE* compilation

If someone wants to build for ppc then why should they have to resort to
cross compilation when native compilation works perfectly well, and is in
fact preferred because it's less complicated? Same goes for pure x86_64,
sparc, etc. Implying that non-x86 arches are somehow the sole domain of
CLFS is patently absurd.

Of course, multilib is another kettle of fish. LFS is a long way from
supporting it and this is where CLFS knowledge can be learned from. But as
I've said in the past, I personally think multilib x86_64 is far more
trouble than its worth for your average Joe Sixpack which is why I haven't
pursued it.. (yet).


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