[LFS Trac] #2094: Add a new section for build results

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Oct 20 23:36:43 PDT 2007


> Ok maybe I missed the announcement, since when did LFS start supporting 
> other architectures, as it stands LFS at it's current state can only 
> support x86. When it was suggested once before it was said there was not 

LFS can't forever only support x86. It's got to move forward if we don't 
want LFS to become obsolete sooner or later.

> changed??  Do you plan on having the CLFS devs who support multiple 
> architectures assist, if so who has contacted the CLFS team to make the 
> request?

Obviously, no. You'd have been the first person I'd have gotten in touch 
with. I haven't mapped out the plan of attack yet - which is why I 
haven't brought up on this list. That Trac ticket Jeremy put up was done 
at my request. I was checking out the status of both his branch and what 
CLFS is doing and asked he added whatever notes he had available like a 
version of a TODO list.

> My team has received numerous questions asking why LFS is re-inventing 
> CLFS, and if we are affiliated with this movement. I have had to say no, 
> because I knew of nothing about this effort.

I'm not planning on re-inventing the wheel if it's not needed. I'm just 
scoping out the options how to move LFS forward in a new direction.

> As one of the CLFS Leaders, I am upset over the fact their was no 
> communication to the CLFS team.

There is nothing to communicate about yet :) I guess the timing was off 
a bit.


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