Grub 2

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Fri Oct 19 00:54:20 PDT 2007

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Yes, I know that initrd loads kernel modules for Linux for the case when
> the fs drivers are not built into the kernel.  Personally I never need
> initrd because I *do* compile the drivers into the kernel, but widely
> available distros need it to load *all* fs drivers because they don't
> know in advance which are needed for the root partition.  If this type
> of thing is needed for BSD, with different details, then it should be as
> a 2nd parameter to initrd (or a renamed function that does the same thing.

This function is renamed to "loadable kernel module". There are no 
initial ramdisks in FreeBSD, but the boot loader can load kernel modules 
in addition to the base kernel, according to the Multiboot protocol. 
Grub (1 or 2) does this with the "module" command.

Note, however, that this is not the same type of module as "insmod" and 
"lsmod" Grub2 commands refer to. Grub2 has its own modules for loading 
Linux kernels, loading FreeBSD kernels, support for filesystems, and so 
on. Obviously, not all of them are used in the typical "boot a kernel 
from ext3 partition" scenario - but this is not a valid reason to call 
Grub2 bloated, since the old Grub1 has all this functionality always 
built statically into stage2.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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