mktemp, tempfile & coreutils

Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Oct 17 16:05:19 PDT 2007

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 06:41:02PM -0400, Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> Hash: RIPEMD160
> Matthew Burgess wrote:
> > I think we've given plenty of time for any users of the `tempfile'
> > binary to have been updated now, so any remaining users should be
> > patched to use `mktemp'.
> That's my first thought as well, but I don't know for sure how many
> users there are.  It looks like "none during installation", but who
> knows if that's actually true.
 Yeah, I was going to say that none of my logs show it, but as to
what happens at runtime, who knows.  I think we're far enough away
from a release that maybe we should just try without it, to see what
breaks ?  Or, perhaps a dummy version of 'tempfile' that will write
a rude message to stderr and end in failure ?  But, I'm half
expecting that anything using tempfile will fall back to
even-less-safe predefined file names if tempfile is either not
present or if it returns an error.

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