sparc64 built from jh branch

Thomas Trepl thomas at
Mon Oct 15 11:53:35 PDT 2007

On Friday 12 October 2007 20:43, Ivan Kabaivanov wrote:
> Just a few comments.  I prefer to build a 32bit userland and 64bit kernel.  
> This has been the advice of the ultrasparc gurus for a long time and as
> recently as a few months ago there was a discussion either on debian-sparc
> or gentoo-sparc that reiterated this original point.  I didn't have to
> modify the LFS instructions *at all* except to add two or three extra
> packages needed by sparcs.
Yea, even true for a built on a IBM-RS6000 (PPC32). I only need to drop out 
the grub package and to add hfsutils, parted, ppcutils and yaboot (where I do 
not know if i really need them all on the RS6K).
For the bootloader theme, wasn't there a discussion to move the bootloader 
section out in a separate chapter of the book? If yes, it would fully match 
the requirements on platforms different to x86.

> And while I agree that some devs' reluctance to include ppc, sparc, etc to
> the stock book is due to the lack of support, and the lack of developers
> actively hacking on these architectures, I wonder if this is an
> egg-and-chicken question.  There are not enough ppc/sparc/etc devs because
> LFS does not officially support ppc/sparc/etc?
Or, that there are more then it seems to be while they did not came up often 
with platform specific things because there are not too much issues other 
than using another bootloader and adding a few other packages.

> ...
> ppc boot support for OldWorld macs is quite problematic though and it
> involves some voodoo magic.
heh, not only Mac - booting a RS6K isn't that straightforward as a x86, 
too ;-)

> If you do decide to offer some kind of support 
> for ppc I would advise initially only supporting NewWorld ppc machines
> (anything since the original iMac).
What are the major differences between Old- and NewWorld PPCs, and what do you 
think where is a RS6K comparable to?

> And on the topic of bootloaders, GRUB2 
> has experimental support for ppc and there are plans to support sparc as
> well.  So at some point in the hopefully near future even that difference
> will disappear.
I would love that, but yaboot does its job well...

> And here are the two extra sparc64 packages:
> sparc-utils ( provides
> elf2out, sparc32, prtconf and eeprom
> silo: the sparc bootloader
This and the four pkgs mentioned in the clfs-project for the PPC we have 6 
additional packages which is an increase of round about 10% but on the other 
side the field where LFS than is documented and maintaned grows from x86 only 
to x86, x86_64, sparc, sparc64, ppc, and maybe ppc64. 


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