Overriding permissions from udev sample rules

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 18:10:32 PDT 2007

Bryan Kadzban wrote:

> First, we could simply remove the
> last_rule options, e.g. with the following sed:
> sed -i 's/, OPTIONS="last_rule"//' 50-udev-default.rules
> since nothing that has this option set should have it.

That's one way.  Another would be to write the appropriate seds to
change the permissions/groups to what we use.  A sysadmin could always
override what we have by adding custom rules before 50 for desired
changes.  Perhaps we should create a file like that (say,
10-udev-custom.rules) with all lines commented.

On the other hand we could just use their rules.

I am looking at the latest rules and notice that all the ones with
"last_rule" have to do with screens (pty*, tty*, ptmx, vcs*, console).

They all (except console which uses the default) use a group of tty.  Is
that a problem for us?

The permissions are:

Device  udev lfs
ptyLH   660  660
ttyLH   660  660
ttyNN   620  666   <- diff
ptmx    666  666
tty     660  666   <- diff
vcs*    def  600   <- ??
console 600  444   <- diff

Which of these are 'correct'?

  -- Bruce

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