sparc64 built from jh branch

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Fri Oct 12 16:31:04 PDT 2007

Ivan Kabaivanov wrote:
> And while I agree that some devs' reluctance to include ppc, sparc, etc to the 
> stock book is due to the lack of support, and the lack of developers actively 
> hacking on these architectures, I wonder if this is an egg-and-chicken 
> question.  There are not enough ppc/sparc/etc devs because LFS does not 
> officially support ppc/sparc/etc?

Thanks for the post, Ivan. You've illustrated the point I was trying to 

> And here are the two extra sparc64 packages:
> sparc-utils ( provides 
> elf2out, sparc32, prtconf and eeprom
> silo: the sparc bootloader
> Oh, and one last thing, in order to build a 32bit userland on an ultrasparc 
> every command in the book that has a bash needs to be sparc32 bash -- this 
> fools the shell into thinking we're running on a 32bit sparc.  Which means 
> sparc-utils must be the very first statically built package in stage5.  This 
> saves you the trouble of cross compiling.

Ah, cool, thanks for the feedback here. I'm sure your 
help/suggestions/patches will be useful in the future.


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