Perl ch5 patch

Erik-Jan ej.lfs at
Sun Nov 25 09:59:16 PST 2007


In ch5.25 we use a patch to correct some hard-codes paths. It is 
possible to do the same thing by just using configure options:

./configure.gnu --prefix=/tools \
    -Dstatic_ext='Data/Dumper Fcntl IO POSIX' \
    -A define:libc=/tools/lib/ \
    -A define:glibpth=/tools/lib \
    -A define:usrinc=/tools/include \
    -U locincpth= \
    -U loclibpth=

Pros: better visibility and understanding of what is going on; easier to 
explain what and why we are doing this.

Cons: more complex configure: more typos.

Short explanation:
-A define:symbol=... : (re)defines a symbol that has been set in the 
-U symbol= : symbol gets completely empty
We set the three symbols so perl will use the libc and the headers in 
/tools and not those on the host.
We unset the local searchpaths so the host won't be searched for the 
same reasons.


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