[ANN] UTF-8 console fonts

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 20 09:54:12 PDT 2007

 For people who use UTF-8 in the system console, and dislike the
fonts shipped in kbd-1.12 (e.g. no euro € symbol, or ugly cyrillic
capitals quite unlike the corresponding latin letters, or just
suffering from insufficient coverage), may I announce the first
public release candidate of what I am calling sigma-consolefonts.

 At http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/~ken/fonts/sigma-consolefonts/
in the file sigma-consolefonts-0.01rc0.tar.bz2.

 This started out as the etl16 font (in debian), but I've altered
the position of the 'baseline' to get better descenders, and made
various other changes.  For most people, I recommend a 512-character
map, but I've also included a few 256-character maps for those who
demand the use of bright colours.  Most of my maps cover the main
cyrillic letters, greek, esperanto with a choice of other languages
according to what seemed likely (so, a caucasian map, vietnamese,
and the beginnings of an african map).  Compared to the fonts in
'kbd' you may need to increase the brightness of your monitor.

 Even if you are happy with your current console font, or you spend
your computing life in X, you may find the example-data useful: I've
attempted to list all current alphabets (to the extent that unicode
permits) for languages that might fit onto a console, together with
a selection of other symbols commonly encountered.

 Comments welcome, but please direct them to me, discussing the
intricacies of character shapes and what to map is a little bit
esoteric for most people on this list.  Thanks.  I'm particularly
interested in what doesn't get mapped, e.g. last week I discovered
that the bulgarian manpage for makewhatis (man-1.6e) used an acute
accent as a quote - that is now fixed, but there will be other
idiosyncracies somewhere.

 I've also put my British keymap into the fonts/other directory
(although at the moment quantum seems to be having difficulty
serving it to me).  This remaps the '\|' key (to left of spacebar)
to AltGr\ and AltGr| as in xorg for when a PS/2 keyboard gets
connected via a (kvm and) usb input (otherwise that one key doesn't
work), adds latin1 dead keys and allows compose (using the menu key
at the right) and AltGr for some of what you get in a normal map in
xorg.  Also allows input-by-heaxcode e.g. Ĉ is ctrl-shift-108.
Might be useful as example if you need other things from your

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