fsck + localtime in BIOS

Jack Brown jbrown at kmts.ca
Wed Jan 31 02:08:25 PST 2007

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> Jack Brown wrote:
>>I already am turing off UTC in /etc/sysconfig/clock.
> I have no idea if this is what this setting is for or not, but what
> happens if you (1) have a 32-bit kernel, and (2) enable CONFIG_APM, and
> then disable CONFIG_APM_RTC_IS_GMT?
   I tried compileing a few different kernels so see if this setting 
would affect anything.  It didn't have any effect on the issue, I still 
needed to move the setclock script.

For the record I normally have ACPI enabled in the kernel and APM 
disabled so normally I don't even see the CONFIG_APM_RTC_IS_GMT option. 
but I tried disabling ACPI enabling APM and then fiddling with 
CONFIG_APM_RTC_IS_GMT and some of the other options, but in every 
situation, I would need to move the setclock script before checkfs to 
avoid the error.

Jack Brown

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