Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Jan 28 10:16:41 PST 2007

On Thursday 07 December 2006 06:10, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> This is a formal request to either integrate Tushar's hint on installing
> multiple versions of autotools into the LFS book, or move autotools to
> BLFS and integrate the hint there.

Apologies for just getting back to this thread.  It seemed to die off without 
any real resolution.

As Randy points out, various previous discussions of the autotool packages 
have resulted in them staying in the LFS book, therefore my flippant 
suggestion of fixing the issues raised by Alexander by simply removing the 
autotools from LFS is duly withdrawn.

Whilst Alexander has solved the problems with the LiveCD for the time being, 
it's possible, probable even, that at some point, similar issues will be 
encountered again.

I would therefore like LFS to change its instructions so that multiple 
versions of the tools can be installed, although LFS itself will continue to 
just install the latest versions (unless, of course, it needs to use a 
previous release).  Suitable explanatory material will accompany the 
instructions to detail why we are using unfamiliar instructions (i.e. not the 
standard cmmi) and why multiple versions may be necessary.  I think the 
auto{conf,make}-wrapper scripts are simple enough that they can just be 
`cat'ed out, rather than have them downloaded.

What say the group?


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