LFS LiveCDs 6.2-4 - grub-install problems. (util-linux-2.12r?)

Sami Tarazi starazi at marna.com
Thu Jan 25 21:30:13 PST 2007

this is a re send f the message that was not accepted:

> 2. The second is that once a kernel is running that it can't open
> the root filesystem. It's not just a kernel problem, as even
> kernels more recent than the 2.6.16 kernel (2.6.18 for example)
> also fail to boot.

had a similar problem yesterday installing LFS 6.2 using LiveCD 6.2-4
on Toshiba U200 notebook.  The new kernel could not open the root file system
not recognizing /dev/sda3.  Seems a problem with udev and kernel not populating
/dev.  It was solved by using the .config file from the LiveCD to compile a new kernel,
sense the LiveCD booted and ran nicely on the notbook.  Next boot with the new kernel
compiled kernel booted smoothly and LFS 6.2 ran with no problem.


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